New Video! – ‘Why Sad Movies Are Good For Us’

Sad movies can be good for our mental and emotional well-being, but how? It seems like a paradox that we can enjoy being sad, but media psychologists are discovering that sad movies are tools we use to understand and organize our own pain. We learn how to react to pain by watching others, even characters on TV, and we can learn to ease the suffering of others as well.


We Need Both Silly and Serious Games

My Article Has Been Posted to! Please see the link below for the full article! There Are Two Types of Games… There are generally two different types of games: There’s the kind of game that changes our lives; the story and characters are so intense that we kinda feel that we are in the … Continue reading We Need Both Silly and Serious Games

Why We Need Emilia Fart

It’s difficult to describe Emilia Fart. Self-proclaimed “creepy goblin girl”, Fart uploads embarrassing videos of herself to YouTube as an exhibitionist form of therapy. From here on, it's important to keep in mind: Emilia Fart is NOT a character. The name isn't real, but when you watch her videos, you are watching a real person expressing herself.