Can Video Games Be Art?: Horror

Horror games have become increasingly popular and have become more numerous. Some of the most memorable independent games to earn a big break have been horror, such as the infamous Five Nights At Freddy's franchise, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Slender: The Eight Pages. However, can horror games be art? One step further, can horror … Continue reading Can Video Games Be Art?: Horror

Can Video Games Be Art?

"Can video games be art?" We've heard this question before. We've probably heard the arguments for both sides, or made our own arguments. However, what we might have noticed is that when we try to answer this question we tend to get a little confused. This is because it is a false question, a trick … Continue reading Can Video Games Be Art?

Games We Need: Everything

David ORielly's Everything, as the title suggests, is a game about everything. More specifically, it is a game where you are everything. This trailer, featuring one of the many enlightening lectures of the philosopher Alan Watts, shows us quite quickly what this game is really about:   What Is Everything? We start as a … Continue reading Games We Need: Everything