My “Media Mindfulness” Practice

A personal example for how I have practiced Media Mindfulness lately: When overcome with drowsy melancholia I found myself staying up later than healthy and having trouble turning off the TV. Instead of sleeping and regaining my energies (a helpful way to develop the clarity needed to regulate my moods and emotions) I craved the familiar and gloomy 'Jane Eyre' (2011)

New YouTube Video! Animal Crossing + Mental Health

Hello! Screen Therapy's second video has made it to YouTube! What's the research behind Animal Crossing's therapeutic effect?: Please give it a look and subscribe if you're interested in seeing more about the effects of games, movies, and internet content on our minds and hearts. Thank you! Using Media Psychology, this blog, Screen Therapy, is dedicated … Continue reading New YouTube Video! Animal Crossing + Mental Health

Why We Need Emilia Fart

It’s difficult to describe Emilia Fart. Self-proclaimed “creepy goblin girl”, Fart uploads embarrassing videos of herself to YouTube as an exhibitionist form of therapy. From here on, it's important to keep in mind: Emilia Fart is NOT a character. The name isn't real, but when you watch her videos, you are watching a real person expressing herself.