Finding Balance in a Media-Filled World

When I was first starting to research Media Psychology one of the first most helpful ideas I found was the idea that all media could be placed on a spectrum between super serious and super lighthearted. More importantly, a balance of the two could help with our emotional well-being.

My “Media Mindfulness” Practice

A personal example for how I have practiced Media Mindfulness lately: When overcome with drowsy melancholia I found myself staying up later than healthy and having trouble turning off the TV. Instead of sleeping and regaining my energies (a helpful way to develop the clarity needed to regulate my moods and emotions) I craved the familiar and gloomy 'Jane Eyre' (2011)

New Video! – ‘Why Sad Movies Are Good For Us’

Sad movies can be good for our mental and emotional well-being, but how? It seems like a paradox that we can enjoy being sad, but media psychologists are discovering that sad movies are tools we use to understand and organize our own pain. We learn how to react to pain by watching others, even characters on TV, and we can learn to ease the suffering of others as well.