Healing Regret with Movies?

We've all done things we wish we could take back. Regret can eat away at us for years. How can we make it go away? Surprisingly: Watch a movie!

What Am I Learning From Media? – Check-In #1

What Did I Watch and What Did It Teach Me? I want to start checking in what media I watch/play. Almost in the same way I might log calories or track moods. Why? We watch/play media without really thinking about why. We spend dozens of our leisure hours every week interacting with media, soaking up … Continue reading What Am I Learning From Media? – Check-In #1

Why We Need Emilia Fart

It’s difficult to describe Emilia Fart. Self-proclaimed “creepy goblin girl”, Fart uploads embarrassing videos of herself to YouTube as an exhibitionist form of therapy. From here on, it's important to keep in mind: Emilia Fart is NOT a character. The name isn't real, but when you watch her videos, you are watching a real person expressing herself. 

Games We Need: Florence

Florence, the first game from the promising Mountains studios, is a gorgeously designed "interactive love story" for our smartphones. Mountains studios has taken this love story about a woman named Florence Yeoh and punctuated it with audience contribution that infuses the audience experience with invested joy and sadness. Florence is a game we need. This game … Continue reading Games We Need: Florence